How to Make the Perfect S’Mores

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How to make s'mores


As an outdoorsy family who loves to cook over a fire, we’ve eaten our fair share of s’mores. That being said, we’ve also lit our fair share of marshmallows on fire! 

The problem with roasting marshmallows over an open fire is one that every camper has experienced at one time or another; they catch fire easily! This makes it difficult to get that perfectly browned, crunchy outer layer and gooey center without crossing the threshold into “oops! It’s on fire!” And no matter how quickly you blow it out, that golden brown is now blackened. 

The other barrier to a perfect s’more is the temperature of the chocolate. When you have a hot, gooey marshmallow, a hard, cold square of chocolate doesn’t pair very well. But how can you warm up the chocolate without making a mess? You can try setting the chocolate bar near the fire to warm it up, but then it might be too melted to get out of the wrapping and onto a graham cracker.

You can also proactively place a square of chocolate on a graham cracker and try to balance it on the fire ring, but this can be precarious and can easily lead to disaster.

Camp grill s'mores

We found the perfect solution to both of these problems! Using our Otzi Spark flat pack grill, designed by our family and made in the US, we found a way to roast marshmallows to perfection with no mishaps, and melt the chocolate with no mess!

Using foraged wood, we built a fully contained fire in our Otzi Spark and allowed the fire to burn down to coals. Placing our adjustable grill plate on the highest setting, we put the graham crackers on top with a square of chocolate on one side. 

Then we used our Otzi Spark skewer as a roasting stick and roasted the marshmallows to golden deliciousness below the grill plate. 

The perfect s'mores

This resulted in the most perfectly roasted marshmallows we’d ever made, with warm, gooey chocolate to match. We’ve used this same method on all our family camping trips since, always with the same result! Whether we make them on our Otzi Spark 1-person grill, Otzi Ember 2-person grill, or Otzi Flame 4-6 person grill, they always turn out absolutely delicious and perfectly gooey. 

If you try this method, be sure to let us know! Leave a rating and comment below, and tag a photo @otzigear on Instagram for your chance to be featured on our page!

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