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The Benefits of a Portable Folding Grill

Otzi Adventure gear supplies premium quality portable flat pack barbecues and grilling accessories perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and van living. Their unique construction sets the standard in portability and versatility for cooking in the great outdoors. We offer a dual-person model and single-person model to fit your specific needs. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a portable folding grill.

When weighing the many options available in today’s market, you need to think about your camp cooking requirements and the convenience that each grill provides. Let’s look at some of the benefits of our grills.

Otzi Spark

The Spark model is good for backpacking because it takes up very little space and is easy to store in an outer pocket of a backpack. When folded up in its ballistic nylon carrying case, it measures a mere 9” by 9”. Components can even be split up among backpackers to distribute the load more easily. This model can utilize either wood or charcoal as a fuel source—no need to carry clunky propane bottles.


Otzi Ember

The Ember model is perfect for overlanding and van life as it can be stowed easily in spaces that are hard to use for anything else. Storage in overland vehicles and camper vans is a big priority as a lot of important gear must be stored in a very small space, conventional barbecues and even propane camp stoves take up a considerable amount of space. When the Ember model is folded and packed in its carrying case, it measures 13” by 13”. The Ember model can also be used to hold either wood or charcoal.

Lastly, our flat pack barbecues are good to have for remote locations that require an enclosed container to hold the coals, ash, and embers. The enclosed grill frame design complies with many campground and park regulations that will help you avoid fines and penalties. Contact us here for more information about the benefits of a portable folding grill from our customer support team.


The Benefits of a Portable Folding Grill