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Otzi Ember Dual Person Flat Pack Grill and Firepits

Modern-day grills are clunky and inconvenient to travel with as they take up much needed space that could be used for other gear. This fact is especially important for van living and hiking when you can only take with you what you can carry. We have solved this problem with our flat pack grill and firepit.

The Otzi Ember is our medium-sized unit that provides the perfect cooking space for two people. It features four tiered notches in which to set cooking plates for complete temperature control no matter the size of your fire. It also features two six-position skewer holders that prevent skewer rotation. Our design modernizes what other portable camping grills aspire to be. The Ember is offered in two premium metal options, carbon steel and stainless steel, and comes with a durable ballistic nylon carrying case. Browse our Ember flat pack grill and firepits today and contact us with any questions you may have.