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Otzi MVS Lifestyle System

The Otzi design team set out to develope the most durable, versatile and comfortable bed system they could. It quickly became so much more than just a bed system, it has evolved into a true vanlife lifestyle system. Accomidating not only sleeping but every part of vanlifes day to day events. From eating, working and entertaining there is a confguration to fit them all. Re-configure in seconds into 48 different layouts as your needs change.

Beyond just the panel configurations the MVS Lifestyle System also features integrated storage, build box and water tank options. The storage boxes are configurable to create not only different divided storage options but also allow mounting of electrical switches, fill ports, outdoor showers and other components on the front plates for easy back of the van access. Our build box and water tank combo create a simple and convenient platform for plumbing and electrical component placement and integration. The water tanks interface directly into the build boxes simplifying plumbing hose routing to pumps and filters. The build boxes feature removable mounting plates for easy electrical and plumbing component installation and service. The build boxes also feature removable front and side covers for easy access and service of components mounted inside. Like our storage boxes the front covers of the build box is a great place to mount switches and other interfacing components.

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