Hi, we’re the Sullivans!

We started Otzi Adventure Gear as a family in late 2020 when we realized we were in need of an adjustable flat pack grill for our camping trips. We tested out other grills on our adventures and found that without the ability to move the grill top closer or further from the fire, it’s very difficult to cook on a flat pack grill. We put our heads together and designed an adjustable grill that solved that problem!

We wanted to share our design with others in the outdoor community, and Otzi Adventure Gear was born and has grown from there.

Our grills are made locally to us in Southern California, as we felt strongly that our brand be USA based. 

Our brand name “Otzi” refers to a prehistoric mountaineer who was discovered with innovative outdoor tools. We were inspired by the story of Otzi the Iceman and decided to name the brand in honor of his life. We love the historical insight his discovery provides into the human ability to invent and adapt to the outdoors. And as a family we strive to always be innovating and creating, both in our personal lives and for our brand.

New Otzi products coming soon!


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