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Otzi Ember Adventure Bundle/Gift Box
Otzi Ember Adventure Bundle/Gift Box
Otzi Ember Adventure Bundle/Gift Box
Otzi Ember Adventure Bundle/Gift Box
Otzi Ember Adventure Bundle/Gift Box
Otzi Ember Adventure Bundle/Gift Box
Otzi Ember Adventure Bundle/Gift Box

Otzi Ember Adventure Bundle/Gift Box

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Otzi Ember Adventure Bundle

*Also available as a Gift Box! Select “Gift Box” at checkout to upgrade your order. Premium gift packaging and an exclusive Otzi Adventure Gear patch included!* 

 Save 10% with this bundle!

Our Ember bundle has everything you need when adventure calls! From foraging and fire starting tools to our 2-person flat pack grill and accessories, this kit makes the most compact camp kitchen imaginable.

As a gift box this bundle will equip your loved one for all their outdoor adventures! Whether traveling in a RV, van, skoolie, or car, this gift box has all the right tools for cooking on the road or at the campground. Easy to assemble and perfect for starting a contained fire with either charcoal or wood, this gear kit can be stored away in a tight space when not in use.


Bundle Includes:

1 - Ember Portable Grill Frame *Stainless Steel*

Our medium flat pack grill is perfect for 2 people camping, overlanding, or living life on the road. Weighing in at 8 pounds and measuring 13” by 13” when stored in the carry case, this grill can be stowed away in the small spaces of a vehicle.


Grill Plate Size - 8 x 12 in (20 x 30 cm)

Overall Size - 12 x 12.5 x 9 in (30 x 33 x 23 cm)

Weight - 8 lbs (3.6 kg)

1 - Grill Plate

Like all Otzi flat pack grills the Ember cook plates can be adjusted to 4 different heights, giving complete control over the heat throughout the cooking process. 

1 - Griddle Plate

Perfect for eggs, pancakes, fajitas and many other meals requiring a flat solid surface without the hassle of using a pan. The Ember griddle plate is designed to cover the entire 9” x 12” grill plate and lock into place securely.

2 - Skewers

With our 6-position skewer holder, evenly cooking a kebab has never been easier! The skewers can also double as fire prods or marshmallow roasting sticks.

2 - Coffee Warmers

Our side mount coffee warmers attach securely into the skewer notches of our Ember model grill and keep enamel camp mugs and coffee cups steaming hot while you cook.

1 - Ember Fire Mat

This fireproof barrier helps protect surfaces like tables and tailgates from heat, and catches any loose ash or embers that may escape from the grill, providing an even safer camp cooking experience. The fire mat also fits conveniently inside the grill carry case.

1 - Ballistic Nylon Case

Our true ballistic nylon carry case is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to dirt and water. 

1 - Pocket Chainsaw

Perfect for wood harvesting, the bi-directional cutting teeth on our pocket chainsaw cut on both left and right hand pulls to make foraging more productive. Lightweight and easy to store in the grill carry case, this wood-cutting solution will outcut a hatchet!

1 - Stainless Steel Pocket Bellows

Our collapsible pocket bellows makes it easy to direct oxygen at a fire from an adjustable distance, keeping your fire going even in high altitude or wet conditions. 

1 - Wax Infused Jute Rope Fire Tinder (3 Pack)

This jute fire tinder makes starting a wood fire fast and easy. The rope can be cut, stranded, and frayed to create easy to light tinder while offering a longer burn time than cotton or other fiber tinder.

2 - Fatwood Natural Fire Tinder

Together with our jute rope fire tinder, our fatwood fire tinder ensures a good start even in wet and difficult conditions. Completely natural and resin rich, this tinder is cut from the stumps of pine trees and is perfect for kindling shavings.

1 - Ferro Rod Fire Starter

The perfect fire starter for all-weather waterproof fire starting, our ferro rod features a natural finish hardwood handle and comes equipped with a multi-use striker featuring a map scale, micro ruler, serrated tinder scraper, hex wrench, and bottle opener. Where matches and lighters can fail or run out of fuel, our ferro rod will produce the perfect spark every time.

1 - Otzi Grill Seasoning Wax

Made from a specific blend of grapeseed oil, canola oil, and beeswax, our seasoning wax provides a high quality and 100% natural option for grill seasoning. Our seasoning wax provides a protective surface that prevents rust and creates an excellent non-stick layer. 

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