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Otzi Portable Camp Grills

Otzi Portable Camp Grills


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The Otzi Flat Pack Portable Grill was designed from the ground up for cooking. With an adjustable height grill, heat can be easily controlled throughout the cooking process.  And to add even more cooking freedom we designed a 6-position kebab slot for the included skewers. Our patented design makes for an extremely effective and versatile cooking experience for the most adventurous outdoor enthusiasts.

Great for camping, overlanding or van life. Stores in a compact ballistic nylon carry case and breaks down completely flat. Perfect for stowing away in the small spaces of a vehicle. The Otzi cook plates can be adjusted to 4 different heights, giving complete control over the cook heat throughout the cooking process. Cook meals perfectly no matter the heat of your fire. Our 6-position skewer holder and flat skewer design work together for great kebab cooking control. Our skewer is also great for roasting marshmallows and even makes a perfect prod to tend your fire.