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Otzi MVS Lifestyle System

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Modular Van Solutions (MVS) Lifestyle System

Camper van bed systems are one of the most important aspects of any build, whether you're a weekender or a full time van lifer. We took the concept of a reconfigurable bed system to the next level, turning it into a true lifestyle solution. Our multi-international patented MVS Lifestyle system transforms in seconds into 48 different configurations covering day-to-day living needs as well as nighttime sleeping. Configurations provide sleeping for multiple people as well as extra seating, lounges, dining table for up to 4, work space during the work day, and even an outdoor shower deck so you don’t have to stand in the mud. Change the system as your day requires. Switch from a good night’s rest to a breakfast table, to a workstation for the workday. Change to interior seating or a lounge when friend’s are over, and then back to a bed configuration for another great night’s sleep. Expand even further with integrated side storage, build boxes for component mounting, and stainless steel water tanks, making build planning and construction simple and easy.

Elevate your van life

Rethink what's possible in a van living space. Improve daily van life with the MVS Lifestyle System's unrivaled versatility. Our lightweight aluminum bed panels are easy to remove and reconfigure, allowing changes to be made in seconds as needed. We engineered the MVS Lifestyle System to be not only as lightweight as possible but also robust enough to last years of everyday use. The extension slide rails are made from electropolished 304 stainless steel tubing to be as strong as possible. Our proprietary slide rail mechanism allows every configuration to extend to the inside as well as the outside of the van.

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More Than Just A Removable Bed Panel

Not only are the MVS Lifestyle bed panels extremely lightweight and durable, they are also endlessly versatile. The panels allow for over 40 different living configurations and also provide added storage options with the integrated MOLLE pattern. The pattern provides a mounting surface for any MOLLE compatible accessories or storage solutions, without affecting the function of the bed panels. Aluminum construction maintains strength while keeping the panels as light weight as possible.

Engineered Comfort For A True Lifestyle System

Why sacrifice comfort for functionality? We at Otzi Gear set out to engineer the most comfortable bed cushion we could. Camper van bed cushions are either too hard or too soft to provide long lasting sleep and sitting comfort. After countless prototypes and testing sessions we finally found the perfect combination of materials. Our 3 layer engineered construction combines structure, support, and comfort for all night quality sleep and all day comfortable use.

Find Your Perfect Fit

So far we have found 48 configurations to serve every aspect of van life. From sleep, to work, to dining, the Otzi MVS Lifestyle System has you covered. With the ability to not only extend your living options inside your van but also outside, your van life will be opened to new experiences and possibilities that you never would have had otherwise. Work outside while enjoying a mountain sunrise or eat dinner in the ocean breeze at sunset. Broaden your world and view with endless possibilities.

Options For More Than Just Sleeping

Our Build Box and Tank system integrate not only with the rest of the bed system, but also with each other. Two of the water tanks 4 3/4 NPT ports pass through into the build box to allow easy plumbing to pumps and filters mounted inside the build box.

The Build Box features a removable mounting plate for mounting, plumbing, or electrical components, simplifying van build planning. The front cover plate is a great location for mounting switches, plugs, fill ports, and outdoor shower systems.

Rethink Storage

Do more than store in the Otzi MVS Lifestyle System Side Storage Boxes. Our Storage Boxes have 7 different internal layouts to change divided storage as well as allow component mounting and separation from storage areas.

The MVS Storage Boxes are also a perfect fit for storing bed cushions when not in use.

Water Tanks For Van Life

We designed our tanks for easy installation and integration. Our Water Tanks feature double baffles to control water slosh while driving on and off road, as well as angled ports to maximize water drainage and take advantage of the full tank capacity and are full stainless steel construction. Each tank integrates with the MVS Build Boxes to allow easy plumbing to mounted pumps and filters within the build boxes. They also have a set of ports on both sides of the tank to allow expansion to gallies or showers.

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